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20 February 2023

15 February 2023

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8 February 2023

7 February 2023

  • curprev 18:5418:54, 7 February 202395.104.9.117 talk 1,338 bytes +1,338 Created page with "''Empowering Youth Community is a European Solidarity Corps project realised by '''AICEM '''and the '''Institute of Italian Culture of Tbilisi'''.'' <big>''<u>About the organisations</u>''</big> '''AICEM - Associazione Internazionale per la Cooperazione e l'Educazione nel Mondo''': founded and run by volunteers, works with young people to disseminate values and principles based on human rights and education. ''Institute of Italian Culture'': enhances Italian culture a..." Tag: 2017 source edit